We provide preliminary answers to general questions such as signing a contract, after-sales services and other common questions.

How to rent a storage space? What are the required documents and items?

If you need to rent a self-storage unit, you must sign on a monthly subscription plan with a credit card. You must authorize Easy Storage Taiwan Co., Ltd to take automatic monthly payments a credit card during your rental period. The automatic payment will stop once your rental period ends.

1.Please provide your residence permit (ARC) or passport only for record keeping but not for other use.
2.Please provide security deposit for 2 months of rent, please pay cash on site. This is refundable when you move out.
3.Please provide Taiwan mobile phone number for us to send SMS or email address for us to provide link settings
4.Your credit card will be authorized to take monthly payment for at least one year; the credit card authorization will be automatically terminated when you move out.
5.Please complete the first authorization on site before leaving.
6.If you do not wish to renew the lease, please notify 10 days in advance. If the lease starts, the fee will not be refunded after the deduction.

    How to move out from the storage?

    To move out or to terminate the contract, you only need to inform us the date of moving out, by email, phone call or written message 10 days in advance. Our staff will prepare the relating documents on the date of moving out. After checking the storage space and completing the procedure of moving out, the deposit will be return back to you (cash only) within 7 working days.

    How to renew my contract after it is expired?

    Once your self-storage lease contract is about to expire, please contact us and we'll help you to renew your monthly subscription plan with your credit card.

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